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Issues in Higher Education and DePauw University

Welcome to Reports from the Field: Issues in Higher Education & DePauw University

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EastCollegeLogoDePauw faculty and staff regularly engage in national conversations about higher education through our participation in conferences and professional development dedicated to issues in the field, our collaborative work with peer institutions, and the books and articles we read. Our dialogue and participation are informative and inspirational, and connect our institution with far-reaching conversations by providing perspectives on our local experiences of national phenomena.

Reports from the Field: Issues in Higher Education and DePauw University captures and shares some of the principles and resources of these activities back to our campus, with a goal of building up our shared vocabulary and our pedagogical and experiential toolkits. Curated by the VPAA and deans in the Office of Academic Affairs, Reports from the Field offers regular posts that are authored by deans, administrators, faculty, and staff who have learned about trends and issues in higher education and wish to report out on their experiences and insights, as these intersect with our initiatives and endeavors at DePauw.

Reports from the Field will provide our campus, as well as readers from outside the University, with a connection to national discussions in higher education and make resources available for our practice here at DePauw. If you are interested in placing a post, please contact me about a possible date. I very much look forward to expanding our conversations.

– Dr. Anne Harris, Vice President for Academic Affairs, DePauw University


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